Wild and Free

Our sin can become to familiar to us that we forget it is a shackle, and God has the key. 

Our sin can become to familiar to us that we forget it is a shackle, and God has the key. 

Last week in Kids Church we were talking about how to be holy. Holy, as in the way that God is, set apart from the world and sinless. That's a pretty tall order, am I right? We talked through different disciplines that can help us be holy as though they were ingredients in a recipe. A dash of obedience, a touch of prayer, a cup of God's power...put it all together and you're on your way to holiness! 

Or are you? Is is that easy? I wanted the kids to understand that there are things we do and choices we make that sometimes seem hard, but that those choices get easier with practice. When incorporating these "ingredients" for holiness into our lives it becomes part of who we are, and indeed helps us to heed God's voice and follow His path of righteousness. But I am realizing as I continue on this wild and wonderful journey of life that the key to really being holy, being close to and more like God, requires a reckless abandoning of self. 

I must throw off the sin that hinders and whatever entangles me and RUN barefooted into the wildness of God's kingdom. I must hold loosely what "defines" me: being cool, being intelligent, being successful, being self-reliant, being respected, being obeyed. Isn't all of that how we figure out our place in this world? We measure against each other and settle into a comfortable niche. And then we hold onto it all so tightly that we won't let God move us, evolve us, into new creatures. 

But in order to be holy, to literally become more like God, we have to let it go. Step back and look at as much of the picture that we can see, and realize that our sin is minutia in life's portrait, a parasite that keeps us ill, a locked gate blocking us from true freedom. Choosing not to sin isn't restriction, or a set of rules to follow out of fear, but a key to releasing our shackles. Freedom from the chains of competition with one another, the chains of achievement, the chains of "having enough", the chains of having to be loved. 

He promises that He loves us more than anything.

He promises that He will provide. 

He is all we need. 


Family Question- What sin in your life has a tight hold on you? Maybe you think about it a lot, do it a lot, maybe so much that it's becoming a part of who you are? How different would you look, your life look, if that sin was gone?