Faith Slipping Between my Fingers

Last week in Kid's Church we were talking about faith and trusting God even when things seem to be going NOT our way. I was really struggling with how to teach this to kids, because what has any of them ever even been through? I wanted to share my story about how my family and I spent a year seeking God asking for answers about where to go, what to do, without having work or a clear answer. And how during this time my dad was killed, hit by a car, in an instant. Just, gone. But how can a child relate to the devastation I felt? The hopelessness? How can a kid know the feeling of continuing to trust someone who you felt just turned your back on you in the biggest way possible? Left you feeling alone, scared, and hurt?

I didn't share my story with them, but instead of trying to get them to feel my feelings and relate to my sorrow, I gave them something to hold onto for when a time like that does come. It may be 15 years from now, but hopefully we can help to prepare our children for the storms that will inevitably come their way. 

When I felt lost and totally hopeless, and was watching my faith slip through my fingers like grains of sand, one grain, one truth, stayed in my fragile fingers and wouldn't drop. It was something that I had been told hundreds of times, so much so that it almost felt trite: Jesus loves me. It didn't feel trite then, because it was all that I had to hold onto. I searched for more truths, more promises from God. If I know deep down that it is true that He loves me,  then it must also be true that He will never leave me...and it must also be true that He has a plan for me...and it must also be true that all of our bad circumstances will be used for His glory...

So, your children and I talked about some things about God that are always true, always constant, and will never ever go away no matter how terrible a time someone is going through. Trusting is so hard when you cannot see your guide or your path, but all it takes is just one truth about Him to settle down deep in an unshakable place in your heart to pull you up from the most hopeless of places.