Simply Thankful


Coming up on the holiday season I am already struck with the commercialism that I am seeing, especially when it is geared towards children. Kids, get your parents to buy you this toy!  This is the hot new thing, and you NEED it!  

We are encouraged to be thankful with what we have on Thanksgiving day, but only for a few hours,  and then right after dinner that night we are told to head out to the stores to shop for all of the things we supposedly need

New Life Kids are starting service projects right now, during this season of commercialism, on purpose. Because if we focus on the poor and the needy, it is impossible to ignore our own abundance. When you spend your day looking for homeless people to give to food and water to, or for blankets to collect for people with none, then you make room for contentment to make a permanent home in your heart. 

It's so easy to be thankful and content when you quietly consider your abundance, and do not turn a blind eye to your neighbor's lack.

A Poem of Thanks

Sweet, crisp air to breathe

A home, a bed, a place to rest

Solid walls

Solid floors

Food, abundant food

Bellies never aching with lack

Clean water, abundant water

Soft, good clothing

Abundance, plenty to share

Healthy little ones

Smiling, joyful

A Best Friend to walk beside me

Gentle, kind

Breezes blowing through windows

Solid windows

A sturdy life

An abundant life

A Father who provides

Enough, much more