Overcoming Temptation: Love of Money and the Discipline of Love

  1. The love of money starts by increments

  2. The love of money overcomes love of friends. Judas’ form of betrayal, the kiss, is an ironic exposure of the hollowness of the heart. He can imitate love because he no longer believes in it. All relationships have been reduced to monetary relationships.

  3. Money is means to an end. Humans are end to themselves.

  4. In love of money, money becomes the ends, human beings becomes means.

  5. How do we relate to people? Do we relate to people differently according to the display of their monetary value? How we treat people with luxury cars? Driving beat up cars? Homeless?

  6. Jesus loves Judas to the end. Love frees him from the love of money.

  7. Practices to free us from love of money: generosity, tithing, caring for the poor.