God's Loving Naming

Rev. Samuel Son - Isaiah 62:1-5

God is the truest romantic being if by romantic we mean someone who lives for love. God’s essence is love. God’s love is so great that He makes the crazy sacrifice of His Son for us. And we hear God’s passion in the Isaiah passage. Indeed, all of Scripture and God’s response to His people (anger at our sins, sacrificing to win us back) only makes sense in that essential character of God, God is in love with His people, His bride. Indeed, ethics - why human actions matters is founded on God’s love - because God’s love makes human actions important.


In Isaiah, we see God giving new names to Israel (people of God), the way couples give intimate names to each other.  Israel was in exile and did not feel especially loved, but they received God’s naming in faith and believed it until it came true through restoration to their land.

We are called to receive God’s loving names for us, even if we don’t feel it true in our hearts.

We are also called to give loving names to people around us. We remind them of God’s naming of them.

Lastly, we are seeking union to live up to the name God has given the Church, the Bride of Christ. The unity of New Life, Evergreen, Divine Transformation is to witness to the greater truth, that all the churches are One Church, one Bride of Christ.