Church Basics - Following Christ

Discipleship is a call to a life of adventure, a call to walk with Jesus as he brings to light God’s kingdom.


Firstly , it is a call to leave everything. There is a decisive break from our old way of living. This is a permission to start over. The call to leave is not difficult when we see that what we had did not give us joy.


Secondly, it is a call to follow in the life we live. There is, for sure, a decisive leaving in following Christ. Peter leaves his nets, Matthew leaves his table. But there is also great continuity. Matthew follows Christ by inviting Christ to his home and a dinner with his friends. We are called to be decisively faithful in our daily living. Discipleship is here and now.


Practically speaking, we have to have to form habits of discipleship to follow Jesus well.

Two most important habit is prayer and scripture reading. These two habits practiced in our daily living is the balance of the two modes of living, that of leaving the world while living in the world.

Prayer is what keeps us connected to God. Prayer should regulate our schedule.

Scripture is reminder of God’s story as the fundamental reality. We begin and end our days with God’s story. God’s story should not be an attachment.


The church is a place of discipleship. There is no spectator. We will bring the Kingdom of God by being a foretaste of that community. We can be a Kingdom community only as we live in this world under divine rule, as disciples


-Do you accept yourself as a disciple of Christ? Why or why?

-How will you practice the spiritual disciplines this week?