Church Basics - Worship

Only by worshiping can we be a community committed to reconciliation and relationship. Worship will empower us for this vision.


What is worship?

Worship is falling in love with God and letting go of our idols. Our heart is always longing to worship. What we worship determine our lives. If we worship idols, we are choosing death. Idols of today take many forms: person, political party, family, church, most especially the self.


How can we worship well?


When we commit to Sunday (Corporate) Worship. By making a concrete time and space our first priority we are training our hearts to love God first. This act of love is the most important element of worship. Such worship frees us from slavery to other gods that continually demands us to justify ourselves.


Secondly, we practice worship by seeing that God’s is already present. When we worship creation as gods we become blind to the true God. But when we seek only God, then we see that God’s glory present in all creation. In worship, we are not calling God down to us, God is calling us to His presence. So we come without worry whether we will encounter him. We come expectantly.


1-How does worship renew you for the work week?

2-How did you encounter God today?