Ephesians 4 - The Practice Of Unity

Unity of the church is essential to the mission of God thus a central message of the gospel. The good news is that God has reconciled the world to Himself in Christ. Church is the evidence and expression of that unity. What God will do in Consummation, God has already done in the Church.  


So firstly, unity is God’s vision. Unity of the church points to the unity of creation which is God’s great purpose.


Secondly, unity of the church is the work of the Spirit. It is not human work. It has been done and sustained by the Spirit.


Thirdly, the unity of the church is concrete. There is no such things as universal or invisible church. The work of the Spirit is embodied in the life of the congregations. So Paul goes on to give practical ways to be untied.


So fourthly, those basic practices of unity are the following: Being humble, recognizing that we don’t know everything. Being gentle, and not being harsh with our words. Being patient, and letting God do the work of transformation and judgment. Finally, giving allowance for other’s fault through forgiving and understanding.


1-How can New Life live out the unity more concretely? How can the churches in Raleigh live out the unity more concretely?

2-Of the four practices of unity (humility, gentleness, patience, acceptance) which ones are easy for you? difficult for you?