Ephesians 2 - God's Poem

Epheisans 2:1-10

We are God’s Poem. God wants to show off God’s great love for us through His artful creative work in our lives.

God creates by taking us as we are. God rescues us when we were dead in our sins. In a true art work, the value is not in the material but the making. Likewise, the value of God’s work is in what God does and not our lives. We have no ground of boasting.

This gives us hope. There is nothing in our lives that is wasted. If something dead can be made alive and made to point to God, then everything in our life, even those resulting from our sin, can be used to glorify God.

What is required of us is to trust God’s work in our lives. We have to give ourselves completely to God’s creative process. This means we have to accept ourselves. To trust God means to trust everything that makes us uniquely us. No two of God’s work is same. When we try to be like someone is when we are trying to fight against God’s work.

When we are not boastful, when we hand over everything to God, and when we accept ourselves, then we become the best medium for God’s work and our lives will proclaim God’s glory and love.

1-What poem or artwork has been powerful in your life?

2-What parts of yourself do you find difficult to accept? Where do you find yourself comparing most?

“Thank you lord for this life and the poem you are writing through me.”