Ephesians 3 - Posture of Power - Prayer

The posture of Power is Prayer.

The great calling of God for the church humbles us. How can we ever accomplish God’s great purpose of being God’s wisdom to the powers of this world?

What is impossible with men is possible with God. The great call brings us to our knees in prayer. Prayer is the Christian posture of power. It seeks God’s power.


Prayer is the most important arsenal in our fight with the “heavenly realms.” But the church often turns to it as the last resort. The church cannot stand for God until it can learn to kneel before God.

Firstly, we are to practice praying for others. It is important to pray for oneself. But such limited prayer life limits prayer to mere self-centering. Secularists practice such prayer. It doesn’t take faith to meditate. But praying for God’s power displays true faith in a God who is living and loves His people. If Christians truly believe in the power of prayer for others, it would change how we relate to each other. In fact, the most important element of discipleship is prayer for each other. For ultimately, transformation is the work of God.

Secondly, the physical gesture of kneeling is a crucial element of prayer. On a daily basis, we should practice getting in our knees to pray. The prayer in any-posture forgets the intimate connection between the spirit and body in the person and that we are praying to a living God.

1-Share an experience of answered prayer for others.

2-What posture of prayer do you practice daily?

This week, pray for one person in New Life.