Ephesians 3 - Mystery Of The Church

The Great Mystery of the Gospel is God’s pleasure to display God’s wisdom through the Church. The concept of Church is a revolutionary theological concept. It unites the people of God and God of their worship more intimately than in any other religion. We are not simply serving God, we are representing God. God brings the “rulers and authorities” under His rule through the church.


The church displays God’s wisdom by living out the mystery of the gospel. The mystery of the gospel is the unity of the Jews and Gentiles.


Roman Empire could not unite the people. The church did. It proved the greater power. But that unity comes with suffering. Paul was suffering precisely for his work for that unity. But that is part of the work of the church so Paul encourages the people in Ephesus to “not lose heart.”


1-What is one of your favorite mystery show/book? What made it enjoyable?

2-When did you see a Church put on display God’s Wisdom? What did the Church do?

3-What do you see the Church of NewLife doing in three years?

Prayer:”Lord, help us to be your Church”