Acts 27 - When In A Storm Eat Together

The sea voyage to Rome was long and nearly perilous resulting in shipwreck. But this dramatic story-telling gives us a picture of the power of God that resides in the people of God.

The Roman commander is nice enough to Paul but when Paul started giving nautical advice, the Roman commander listened to the wisdom of the sailors. From all perspectives, this was the right choice. But this dismissing of Paul ultimately leads to a shipwreck. But in midst of that shipwreck, Paul prays for everyone on the boat, being reassured of God’s calling, vouches for the safety of everyone and encourages everyone to eat.

When ship grounds on a rock, all the soldiers are ready to take the next step in their protocol, kill all the prisoners. But the commander halts their sword. The commander risks his own punishment for losing prisoners to save one prisoner.

Paul’s life saves everyone in the boat, and it also saves the soul of the Roman commander. We know the commander arrives at Rome a different man for we know his name, a sign of friendship.

As Christians, we should be more confident in storms because of the sovereignty of God. And that faith should also give us more compassion for those in storms.

1-Experience any physical/psychological storms that threatened your life?

2-Are there friends facing storms whom you are called to share a meal with?