Ephesians 1 - Power

We christians can forget the amazing power given to us in Christ. So Paul reminds us, through the letter of Ephesians, what power is in us.

Firstly, the power in us is the power of resurrection. Death is the most powerful force in the natural world. Even the most powerful king can defeat death. But God defeated death and resurrected Christ. That same power is in us today. Not only will it raise us after we die, but it gives us hope and power over every temptation and fear in life that are intimations of death.

Secondly, we can deepen our understanding of that power by deepening our understanding of Christ’s love. The power of God is simply the expression of the love of God. God’s love resuced Christ from death. So God’s love for us will rescue us from death.

Thirdly, the power is used for God’s work. When we do God’s work, the powers of this world will oppose. But we do not have to fear them for they are all under God’s authority. We can battle the “rulers of this world” without fear of death but with confidence of victory because of God’s great love for us expressed in the power and promise of resurrection.

1-Are you afraid of death? Why? What type of death do you fear most?

2-What “rulers of the world” do you face on a daily basis? from you work? family?

“Thank you for giving me resurrection power.”