Acts 20 - The Table At Troas

Acts 20:7-12

Troas is the city where Paul ended up with nowhere to go. That is where he heard God say “Go” and Paul’s team launched off into the Aegean Sea. When he left Troas, it was just Paul, Silas and Timothy.

Several years later, Paul is back at Troas. There is a thriving church that is worshiping every Sunday around the Lord’s Supper. And the community reflects the amazing diversity of the team gathered around Paul. They come from all the different cities he served and the different classes and cultures he served in. This is only several decades removed from Jesus’s last supper when he gathered his twelve apostles and commissioned them to remember him through the breaking of bread.

We can take several truths about the Lord’s Table.

Firstly, the Lord’s table is a table of joy for it is a table of hope. Though there will be periods when we feel lost and nothing is working out, God is working things out for us. Just as Paul celebrates at the city which seemed like the dead end, so God will “prepare a table before our enemies.”

Secondly, the Lord’s table is open, so invite everyone to the table. As Christ has invited us as we are, so we are to invite everyone as they are. Forgiveness and judgment is the work of the Lord. We are not be selective, by our theology, words, or attitude.

This week, invite someone who can’t invite you back to their place. This week, invite someone who might have enmity. Experience the joy of the Lord’s table.

1-Any memorable food or meal cooked by your parents from your childhood?

2-Any experience of reconciliation through a meal?

Prayer “That you for inviting a sinner like me to your table.”