Acts 22 - Paul's Crazy Idea

Acts 26:22-32

Paul has gets a crazy idea in Ephesus, to go to Rome and preach to Nero. Amazingly, Paul gets to Rome. To accomplish crazy big ideas one needs to have the following mind of Paul.

First, patience. When Paul gets to Jerusalem, he gets imprisoned and even forgotten in prison for two years. All this seems hindrance but these very detours become his path to Rome. The Jew’s hatred of him creates an aura around him such that governor Festus must send him to Rome. Paul cannot be dismissed as common criminal but someone dangerous enough to be seen by the Emperor.

Secondly, willigness to sacrifice. He knows that when he gets to Rome, there is only two alternatives. Either Nero will repent or he will be executed. He was ready to risk his life for he was completely in love with Christ. He was ready to live and to die for Christ. This freed him to take huge risks for crazy, big ideas.

Jesus came to rewnew the whole universe. That is a big idea. As a church, let us have the patience and the sacrificial heart to pursue big things for the gospel.