Acts 20 - The Last Words

Acts 20:13-38

What would be your last words? Paul gives a moving last words because he had already thought about what he wanted his life to say. Let’s live our lives by pre-writing our last words. Our last words will guide our decisions.

Firstly, Paul says he did the work of the Lord. No accomplishment gives greater satisfaction. The work of the Lord is important enough for us to spend our life on. The work of the Lord is big enough that our death does not threaten it. The work of the Lord is so perfect that even our smallest contribution is essential to it.

Secondly, our main work is to proclaim the good news that God has taken our brokenness and made us whole in Christ. We can live in that wholeness in trusting Christ. Our proclamation comes  in speaking the news about Christ and inviting them to worship with the people of God. It also comes in the work we do and how we do it. In all tasks, we can work toward bringing greater healing and wholeness.

  1. What type of  healing does God want to work through you?
  2. How will you announce/share the good news of God’s message of healing this week?

Prayer “Spirit, help me to do the work of Christ today.”