Acts 18- Shaving Heads, Keeping Vows

In Cenchrea, Paul cuts his hair having completed his vow as a Nazarite. It is unclear when he took that Nazarite vow. It could have been early as when Paul sets off to round up the Christians. Though lot has changed since then, Paul did not abandon his vow.

Moreover, in Corinth, Paul makes a firm decision to give his best energy to ministering to the Gentiles. It would have been as good a reason as any for him to break his Nazarite vow. His long hair and beard didn’t serve him well with the Gentiles. Yet, even with the change of strategy, Paul kept his  vow to the end.

Paul knew that to God, faithfulness is more important than success or even fruitfulness.  Even God’s revealed-name emphasizes the faithfulness of God: I am who I am.

Indeed, God is faithful even when we prove faithless, until we come to imitate his faithfulness.When Paul finishes his vow, many blessings ensue.

The most important is the opening of the previously closed doors, doors to Galatia and Phrygia.

The best offering to God is our faithfulness.

  1. What promise have you kept to the end? What blessings ensued?
  2. What promise have you made but have hard time keeping?