Acts 17 - King Jesus

Paul keeps getting kicked out of the cities for mostly the same reason, “disrupting the peace of the city.” The Jews exaggerate the charges out of jealousy but there is a truth at the core. Though he does not challenge the rulers directly, by claiming Jesus is the Lord of the World, he is relativizing all rulers and their rule.

The gospel is neither private nor political but it is public. It speaks of God’s justice, that God has begun making us right and making the society right. To proclaim the gospel means we speak this truth in all places, including the polis (city). This means:

First, we have to boldly proclaim God's justice to all powers, especially the powers we participate in. As Jeremiah called his people, Israel, into repentance, so all Christians have received the Spirit of prophecy and it our responsibility out of love for God and the country God has placed us to speak of the justice of God.

Secondly, we must always be repenting. No prophet stands independent of his/her nation. We are part of the power structure. The way we live in a community resonates through the whole system. We battle racism by the way we relate and befriend people of different race. We bring slave labor into judgment by how we use our dollars. Life of repentance is living our personal lives under the lordship in an unashamedly public manner.

Thirdly, we speak of God’s power through humility and service remembering that Jesus claimed his throne on the cross.

Fourthly, we must be be bold remembering that Jesus has defeated death. His Lordship is never in doubt.


-Why is it difficult to talk about justice issue in the church?

-What prejudices (directed against you or others) have you experienced? How did it affect you?

-In what areas are you called to be a prophet and proclaim the Lordship of Jesus?

"You are the Lord of the World. You are the Lord of America."