What Happens After Christmas

12/27/2015 - What Happens After Christmas - Matthew 2:12-21  

What happens after Christmas? We treat Christ’s story like Santa’s story. We only care about what Santa does on Christmas day. Similarly, Christians the only about Christ’s birth and resurrection. While the two two events are essential to the gospel, by themselves they become like Santa-story, mythic stories tied to a season. The whole life of Jesus matters which is why we speak of the four gospels. What happens after Christmas matters.


Matthew tells us of Jesus’ refugee life to and from Egypt to flee genocide. This story recalls the story of Moses and sets the framework in which to understand the life of Jesus. Jesus is the new Moses, come to rescue slaves/sinners and form a new people of God through his teaching. Just as Moses gives the Law from the mountain, Jesus gives the Sermon on the Mount which teaches how the people of God are to live up to their new identity.

At the end of Matthew’s story, Jesus’ commission is to “make disciples of all nations” through baptism and “teaching the new disciples to obey everything I have commanded you.”

The overemphasis on saving make us forget the importance of discipleship which is connected to obedience of Christ’s Words. If more Christians would care about the whole of Christ’s story, and joyfully practice obedience, then the peace we feel at Christmas would be a robust and nation reconciling peace, the peace of God’s Kingdom.

This year, I challenge the people of God, the disciples of God

-to read Christ’s Words daily

-read it for obedience and not merely for learning