Advent - Blessings and Burdens

Gabriel announces the good news to Mary that God has chosen her to give birth to the messiah. It is a blessing that is a burden at all levels. Like all pregnancy, her body will change to carry the weight of the baby. She will have to face gossips and rejection of this out-of-wedlock birth.

As in Mary, God wants to birth a work/word of God through our lives. But the blessing of such a calling is always a burden too. To receive the blessing of God is to accept the burden of it, the necessary sacrifices.

Mary runs to Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s blessings open her eyes to remember the blessings of her burden. The burden of a blessing can sometimes overwhelm. At those time, we seek those who went before us, who knows the blessings of a burden.

Elizabeth is unreserved in her encouragement of Mary. Elizabeth celebrates her and pronounces her blessed. Our presence and words have the power to turn a burden into a blessing. It is only after Elizabeth’s blessing that Mary considers herself “the most blessed.”

· You have a call from God. Embrace the burden aspect of it.

· Seek other spiritual friends to help you see the blessing of the burden

· Bless everyone you meet. Declare their burdens as blessings of God.