Ephesians 6 - Be Strong In The Lord

The main point of the the letter of Ephesians is the supremacy of Christ. The purpose of the church is to live out the supreme lordship of Christ through its life of reconciliation.

  • Christ has already won. Our battle is claiming what already belongs to Christ.

  • It is not a battle against flesh and blood. It is not a battle against people (i.e. our is a battle against racism and not racists).

  • Battle is against rulers and authorities of the unseen world. Our battle is against systems and spirits.

  • Battle is against evil rulers. We do not demonize peoples or institutions but we do not downplay the destructiveness of any systems that claim greater authority than Christ.

  • What are some destructive systems of our days?

  • The panoply needed in battle should not be scrutinized, expositing the metaphor for one-to-one spiritual battle plans. The metaphors gives a stirring image of the spiritual practices of the well-prepared Church.

  • The most important practice of the Church is prayer. Prayer helps us to see that Christ is Lord and prayer gives us access to that unlimited power of Christ.