Freedom From Consumed-erism

Even secular people know that the current consumerism is creating deep dissatisfaction for life. Buying only creates more need to buy as new and better products are offered with a promise of bigger and better you. How can we withdraw from such destructive addiction?



First, we have to find something eternal that can fully be enough for our longing heart. We buy because we are seeking. Nothing in this world can fully be enough because every temporal thing will be surpassed. Jesus offered himself to the young man. But the young man could accept that Jesus would be enough for his life. Paul, on the other hand, has learned the discipline of contentment in abundance and poverty for he gave his heart fully to Christ. He chose Christ and found Christ more than enough.


Secondly, we buy to compensate for the fear that we are not enough for anyone. We buy to make ourselves worthy. This makes our worth dependent on an endless cycle of consuming competition. When Jesus calls the young man to leave everything and follow, not only is Jesus saying he is enough for the young man, but that the young man. without the possessions, is enough for Jesus.


Our peace is found in finding Jesus enough for me and accepting that I am enough for Jesus.


-This Christmas, choose not to buy anything. Instead, make things for your loved ones.

-With the money you save, go out to dinner with a homeless, donate to a good local work that helps the poor.