Gospel - Looking For Love

In love, we seek to love and to be loved. We seek to be loved faithfully. But we doubt if any human being can love us faithfully because we know our own hearts are faithless. So we try to keep another’ person love by proving ourselves worthy. We collect “seduction capital.” But this only leaves us more uncertain and lonely.

Only God can love us faithfully. Jesus Christ’s life, cross and resurrection is the clearest evidence of this faithful love. Paul says that knowing this faithful love makes us victors, able to overcome all circumstances.

We rest in God’s faithful love through repentance. Repentance is to accept that we are “useless” and ceasing from the game of approval.

We accept that love through baptism. Baptism is a public act of repentance.

We touch that love through communion. The bread and wine is how we touch the flesh and blood of Christ.

We become holier as we trust in that love. Sin controls us by making us doubt that we are loved. Sin offers the false promise of worth. When we can rest in God’s love, we no longer need sin.

-What “seduction capital” do you find yourself collecting? How are you propping up your worth?

-Share your experience of baptism and/or communion when you felt God’s love?