Ephesians 5 - Christian Marriage

All Christian ethics is to be seen in the framework of Church ethics - call of God’s people to be Holy. Paul speaks of marriage after and within his teaching on how to be a Church.



Submission is a continuation of the life of thanksgiving. Submission in marriage is founded on the submission of Christians to each other.


The wife is to submit to the husband in everything as the Church submits to Christ’s authority. As the Church must seek the will of Christ, so the wife’s christian discipline in the home is to desire the will of the husband. The authority of Christ is not despotism but a shared authority, an authority of service.


The husbands is to love his wife sacrificially. The husband sacrifices his life and agenda for the purity of the wife in the same self-effacing way Christ sacrificed himself through the ignoble death of the cross.


The purpose of the Christian marriage is not self-fulfillment. It is a place where we can practice being the church in daily basis. The family is the church lived out daily.

1-What can you do this week to practice submission or sacrifice?