Proclaiming the Gospel in a Pluralist Society

How can we preach the gospel in a pluralist society?  There is a pluralism as a fact and a pluralism as an ideology. Pluralism as an organization of a society where no one is coerced to accept a truth system corresponds with God’s gift of freedom to humanity. No one should be coerced to a belief.

Pluralist ideology is dangerous because it is deceptive. It claims that there is no universal truth so every religion is true as a private affair. But underlying that openness is the claim that the only public truth is the scientific worldview that denies spiritual reality.



Against this claim, the gospel says Jesus is a historical person who lived, taught, died and rose and proved himself Son of God. As Son of God he made a universal claim, that the world was made for God and we were made to love God and each other in Jesus.

Roman society was a pluralist society that could not accept the gospel even though the gospel was not a political movement. The gospel made a public proclamation that everything belonged to God in Jesus.


The first step towards confidence in the gospel is to see its universal claim. Second is to live our lives according to that reality. Thirdly is to organize the church according to that reality rather than imitating the society.


1-Share an experience of sharing the gospel. Were you afraid? How did you overcome it?

2-Did anyone share the gospel with you? How did they persuade you?

3-This week, how can you live by the gospel reality?