Vision 2015 - Church the First Fruit of the Kingdom

As we begin 2015, we want to see the Big Picture and the next steps for us as New Life Triangle. The Big Picture is given to us. It is the Kingdom of God. The Church is the firstfruits of God’s Kingdom. From Genesis to Revelation the picture of God’s Kingdom is majestic and earthy. It is spiritual and political, personal and communal. It the picture of everything on earth joyfully submitting to their creator.

In Ephesians, Paul focuses on one fruit the church is supposed to bear: unity in diversity. Paul says that when Jews and Gentiles worship together, it reveals God’s purpose against the rulers of the world. This is the call for our generation and for New Life.

We have been blessed by God and given unity in diversity. Let us embrace this identity fully and invite others by these next specific steps.

First, practice daily office of prayer. Unity in diversity is impossible to live by human spirit. We need to be filled with the Spirit and Truth through prayer and scripture.

Secondly, eat together. Through Life Groups, monthly community meals, and invitations to home, deepen the fellowship.

Thirdly, practice obedience to Lord Jesus in all spheres of our lives.