Acts 12 - God Rescues

Peter was locked up for trial on passover and the irony was not lost on him. His master, Jesus, was crucified on passover. He seemed to have accepted his fate. God’s angel broke him out of prison before, but this is different. He is not imprisoned by temple guards but by soldiers from Herod. Peter was imprisoned under maximum security by Herod Agrippa as a political prisoner.

The church gathered to pray in the room where they experienced Pentecost. They recently lost James and losing Peter would be a big blow so they are praying earnestly for divine intervention. But like Peter, they doubt God would answer. After all God did not stop Herod from beheading James..

When Peter is being led out of prison by an angel, he thinks it is a dream because he thought it was the end for him.  When Rhonda announces that Peter is at the door, the church laughs though it was exactly what they were praying for. Both Peter and the Church are in doubt, but God still works.

Our God will rescues us from all situations. God does not need our faith for permission or power to rescue. But God desires earnest prayer, as prayer gives us a framework to see God’s rescue as loving response to our request.

God’s rescue often comes in unexpected ways, but God never fails His people.