John 11 | Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Consoles

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In this story we see that power corrupts (religious leaders) but absolute power consoles (Christ). Christ displays absolutel power in commanding a person dead for four days to rise to life. That power comes from absolute faith in God, and that faith gives him confidence to meet people where they are, to comfort Martha through conversation and Mary through crying. Christ knows his power so he is free to be vulnerable.

The religious leaders are fearful despite all the power they hold for they know their hold is tenuous. So when they see more people going to Christ, they commit to killing him. They justify their plan on the grounds of saving Israel, but they really want to retain their power. Power corrupts so much that they cannot see their own corruption.

Two lessons for us. First, that we are to imitate Christ. Vulnerability is power, weakness is strength. Secondly, the Christ we serve is absolutely powerful and empathetic. He understands and he can rescue us. What a Savior!

1-When dealing with life issues, are you more like Martha, through reason/theology/arguments, or like Mary, through emotion/expression/empathy?

2-Have you ever experienced the corruptiveness of power? In church? organization? group?

3-How will you be more vulnerable to the people you serve?

Weekly Prayer: "Christ, you are my King of Glory and my Prince of Peace.”