John 10 | The Good Shepherd

The image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd connects us emotionally to the following truths.

Firstly, that Jesus is our Lord. As tender as the image of the shepherd is, it speaks fundamentally of the distinction between the king and his subjects. In the Ancient Near East, kings were referred to as shepherds.

Secondly, Jesus our Lord knows us intimately. It is not that shepherds are by nature caring. But it is Christ, though Lord, desires to know and be known by his people. Christ knows the voice of his people, and the people know the voice of Christ. Christ seeks the same type of intimacy he has with his Father.

Thirdly, Christ is the one shepherd who will lay down his life for his sheep. Kings call for his people to lay down their lives for their king. With Christ, the King lays down his life for his people. In the crazy love of the Trinity, divine life is sacrificed for human life.

Through Lent, through leaving the world and following Christ by reading scripture, praying, and doing good works, let us know the voice of our Good Shepherd more deeply.