Advent Through Peter: Miracles

What do you do with the miracles and healings in New Testament? As people raised in the Western, naturalistic and scientific worldview we don’t know how to handle them. So we remove the supernatural elements as Thomas Jefferson did. But this reduces Jesus into a good moral teacher. Forms of such rejection are: turning healings into a metaphor of the healing of our hearts, occasions for moral lessons, or avoid them in our teachings.

The other extreme is to demonize the whole scientific world and make miracle the main point of faith in Christ, i.e., to believe in Christ is to believe in miracles. Both are unbiblical.

In New Testament, miracles and healings are not the object of the faith but expressions of the faith. They were signs of the Kingdom that has come through Christ’s work and then through the Spirit’s coming. Healings are not flexings of divine muscles but the expression of God’s new creation where everything is made whole. Healings in this world are glimpses of the New World.

Thus, healing was part of the message of Christ. Christ begins his ministry with the prophecy of Isaiah about the blind seeing. He meant it literally. The apostles filled with the Spirit of Christ continues that work.  

We are not invited believe in Christ, who overcame death and heals us today. Faith is living by that reality.  As a church, let’s pray confidently for healing. Such supernatural display is an essential part of our message that Christ is still at work!

  1. Share a miracle or healing in your life?
  2. Share your experience of today’s prayer time when we prayed for healing?
  3. This week, how will your practice praying for God’s healing?

Weekly Prayer “Lord, thank you for healing me. Lord, I pray for the healing of ______”