Acts 5 - Message of Life

We are bombarded with messages. All messages promise life, but not all deliver. Gospel is the only message that can give life. For it is the message about Jesus who rose from the dead.

The Temple wanted their message to be the only message for it fed the Temple market. They try to shut up the apostles by locking them up. But a Messenger (Angel) from God releases them to speak the message in the very center of the institution they are challenging.

This challenge of messages is reminiscent of Moses before Pharaoh. The Christ-message challenges all human systems. So how are we to share the message?

We speak the message of life with our works. God healed supernaturally to show God’s presence. God is still working. We should boldly pray for the people God brings us.

We share the message with our life together. Gamaliel says that the life of the community will ultimately show whether God was with them. The Early Church community only got stronger. Our greatest witness to the world is not how we are like the world but that we offer an alternative community that lives by the truth that God’s Kingdom is here.

  1. What are some memorable commercials from childhood? Some commercial jingles you sing inadvertently. What is the message behind them?
  2. Have you witnessed any miracles of God? Do you pray for such miracles? Should we pray for miracles?
  3. This week, where will you share the message?

Weekly Prayer “Today, I will declare your message of life.”