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Advent Sync

Explanation of Advent Sync the first seven minutes of the sermon

Happy New Years!

In the Christian calendar, we are already in the New Year as Advent begins the year for Christ’s birth has cataclysmically restarted human history. As the birth of Christ split human history and reset the counting of years, so the celebration of Christ’s birth begins the counting of the year.

I pray Advent will begin a new year in your life and in our life together as the Church. We will welcome the new year by syncing our lives through practicing the same simple spiritual exercises.

We will pray the same prayer in the same hours, and read the same scripture from the lectionary. When we read from the lectionary we are joining the world-wide Church. Today, in Afrikaans and in Chinese, in Russian and in Swahili, all the brothers and sisters of our Christ-family will be reading the same Psalm. God’s Word unites us. Our prayers bonds us.

So decorate the trees, and order those gifts and wrap them up good but don’t get too wrapped up about them. Prepare your heart for Christ. Christ has come and started a new epoch. Christ is coming and will establish eternity. Let’s get ready.

Early Morning 6am | praying the First Psalms 

Morning 9am | praying the Morning Prayer and the Weekly Prayer
“Lord, thank you for making me your family.”

Noon 12pm | praying the Lord's Prayer

Afternoon 3pm | praying the Romans 8 prayer

Early Evening 6pm | praying the Serenity Prayer

Evening Prayer 9pm | the 2nd Palms and the Evening Prayer

Daily Office Lectionary | More Prayers | Life Group Meetings Notes

Symbolism Behind the Advent Wreath and Candle-Lighting

The word Advent comes from a Latin word meaning “coming”. It symbolizes the expectation of the coming of the Messiah (Savior) in three ways: Past-the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, Present-His coming into our hearts, Future-His coming again and of God’s Kingdom.

An Advent wreath with five candles are lit weekly. The wreath is of evergreen branches symbolizing eternal life.

The candles symbolize Light and Life. The purple candles symbolize Christ’s Sovereignty. Purple was a rare and expensive color in the time of Jesus’ birth. Only kings and noblemen could afford it. The pink candles symbolizes the love and friendship of Christ.

Each week has a symbolic focus.

  • Week 1 – the HOPE we have in Christ when we allow Him to lead us out of darkness into light.
  • Week 2 – the PEACE Christ came to bring.
  • Week 3 – the Love, symbolized by the Pink candle, of God in Christ.
  • Week 4 – our JOY as the day of celebration draws close. We are reminded that a life with Him is one full of Joy!

On Christmas Day we light the Christ-Candle, declaring Christ, the light of the world, has come and will come!