Liturgy for Missional Prayer Groups
Where Disciples Make Disciples.

Call to Assemble/Ekklesia

We are a Family of Servant Missionaries

  • We are family under God the Father.                                                                                    
  • We are servants under God the Son, who did not come to be served but to serve.
  • We are missionaries under God the Spirit, who empowers us to be witnesses to all He has done, is doing, and desires to do in our world.  

from last week: how are your neighbors doing we've been praying for?

How are you doing? 

How Can We Pray for you?

Who is already in your life, or who is God bringing into your life, to share the gospel with?

Consider the weekly rhythms and how these could serve as natural opportunities to share the gospel

Eat: Could you eat with them? When/how could you make time for that?

Listen: How much have you truly listened to them? What's going on in their life? 

Story: What's their story? How does God's story offer hope to their story? (See this sheet by Gospel Collective for the four parts of story and how to engage people's story with God's story). 

Bless: How could you bless them? Listening to them, knowing their story, what gifts or resources do you have that you could offer to them?

Celebrate: How do they party? How do they have fun? How could you throw parties for them or "bring the better wine" to their parties? 

ReCreate: How much could they be helped by the concept of Sabbath? How fulfilled are they in their work and leisure time? How stressed are they with the busyness of life? Or are they overly bored and unfulfilled? How could you share the peace your faith brings to life and work?

pray for each others' needs

pray for each others' neighbors