Faith and Politics: Can we talk about it?

We live in a divided time in our country. There is a lot of hurt, anger, fear, and anxiety circling around American politics, particularly after this last presidential election cycle. Moreover, there is a lot of confusion and frustration surrounding the Church's voice in all of this. Do the Church's values align with republican values? Do they align with democratic values? Should they align with either? Should Christians be engaged with the political process at all? We'll dive into all of these questions and more in this series. But no matter how different our political convictions may be, the message of the Gospel is that Christ is enough to unite us. How do we do that and stay faithful to the Gospel? How do we love those with whom we vehemently disagree? Especially when one person may in fact be in the wrong? Come any Sunday between September 10th and October 8th to join the conversation.    

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