We believe in being a community of people who are on this Christian journey together: worshiping, following, and loving. We believe our children are important members of that community, and we value their involvement in our worship service.  How we welcome our children into church directly affects how they respond to God, the Church, and others. We want them to feel safe and at home here, and to know how important and special they are (especially to God)!

Worshiping as a family

God designed your little ones to be full of life, noise, and movement, so relax! We welcome it all. If you have to step out with your child during our worship service, feel free to do so, but we encourage you to return to worship when you can. After praise, we will pray a blessing over your children. Then all the children will be released to Children’s Worship across the hallway in the Youth Chapel. They will have a large group teaching with all age groups, and then head downstairs for a more in-depth small group teaching divided into their specific age groups.  You can pick up your child downstairs in the café after the service.

If you have a baby under 18 months they will stay with you. If you need to leave the service, there is a nursery room downstairs where you can hang out and watch the service on a TV. 

Just like Jesus, we LOVE kids and we are so blessed to have your family with us! 

Andrea Chapman
Children Ministry Director

Our Children Pastor doing a parody of Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop. Baby #4 is on the way! An awesome family!